A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A first time game made for Wizard Jam 4, Fall of 2016. This game consists mostly of silly in-joke references to the Idle Thumbs podcast and twitch streams, and might be a little confusing to players unfamiliar with the podcast. (If you are unfamiliar, go listen to it!)

You find yourself on a train, and in your hand a strange piece of paper. In each train car is a slyboots. You'll know them by the way they repeat specific words or parts of words in conversation, sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly. By some combination of words overheard and that piece of paper in your hand you may deduce a four digit number.


A - Left
D - Right
W - Listen
S - Learn Words Of The Day

At Padlock:

W & S - Select Tumbler
D - Leave Padlock
Number Keys - Select Digit


Game - David Roberts (Dave in RVA/SquawkSquadron on the forums)
Chris and Nick face sprites - BigJKO
Train sound - jrosin on freesound.org (CC)
Music - Parham Washboard Wiggles (public domain)
SuperBiasedMan - Suggestion for ending narrative (during stream)

Special Thanks To:

BigJKO for some assets
Schuh for playtesting
Phill and SuperBiasedMan for streaming and making me aware of some issues that needed fixing
Idle thumbs forum members for help and encouragement

Version History:

V1.3 is the most recent and probably final version, with some bug fixes, some added controls explanation, some edits to the intro/outro text, and some visuals tweaks to make things prettier.

V1.2 added the ending, music, and a fair bit of art that didn't get sorted together in time to go in v1.1.

V1.1 was submitted on the deadline for Wizard Jam 4 and is missing a few things like sound, background art, and an ending...


Slyboots Express Windows.zip 21 MB
Slyboots Express Mac.zip 25 MB
Slyboots Express Linux.zip 24 MB
(Old) Slyboots Express v1.2 Windows.zip 21 MB
(Old) Slyboots Express v1.2 OSX.zip 24 MB
(Old) Slyboots Express v1.2 Linux.zip 24 MB
(Old) Slyboots Express Deadline Version 26 MB

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